Framework of Flesh

Framework of Flesh

Framework of Flesh

Builders' Labourers Battle
for Health & Safety

by Humphrey McQueen,
published by Ginninderra Press, Adelaide,
ISBN: 978 1 74027 545 3
Price: $30
Publication date: April 2009

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"The genius of Humphrey McQueen has brought to life the tremendous and sometimes fatal efforts made by building labourers in constructing the built environment of Australia. I hope that Framework of Flesh is read by every building worker and by all those with an interest in occupational health and safety, and in construction labour worldwide."

Professor Linda Clarke, author of Building Capitalism (1993), Presidium Member, European Institute of Construction Labour Research

Framework of Flesh takes up a 1920s challenge from a militant labourer, Charlie Sullivan:

"few ever think of the great and humble army whose sweat and blood are mingled in the concrete and bricks as surely as if the walls were built over a framework of human flesh."